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What’s A Safe Withdrawal Rate In Retirement?

For those nearing retirement, there are a number of important aspects to take into consideration. You may be wondering if you should cash in on Social Security, making the transition into fiscal conservatism. You may also be familiar with the concept of Safe Withdrawal Rates (SWR), but don’t fully understand how they impact your retirement planning.

Although the Safe Withdrawal Rate is of a critical nature, countless retirees and those nearing retirement have either a vague understanding of it or no knowledge at all about what the concept entails.

Simply put, the Safe Withdrawal Rate is the rate at which a person can withdraw funds from their individual portfolio each year, while still ensuring that the flow of money is continual and abundant enough to support a certain quality of life.

Conventional wisdom dispensed from financial analysts states that an individual should not exceed the SWR of 4% per year, with adjustments made for inflation. These figures were created by an entity called the Trinity Study; a comprehensive research paper that has greatly influenced opinions in many parts of the financial world.

The most salient points from the Trinity Study are the following: an individual has a sufficient amount of savings via assets if 4% of those assets are large enough to support a year’s worth of expenses. Secondly, the Trinity Study informs us that through extensive research, a collective of experts have surmised that an SWR of 4% is the wisest, safest, and most quoted rate across the financial industry.

Withdrawal Rates in Retirement

Why the Safe Withdrawal Rate is Both Smart and Safe

There are a great number of people who adamantly oppose the conventional 4% SWR rate that legions of Americans use as their financial guideline. Individuals and financial planning experts in Los Angeles can be found across the country stating that 4% is a hefty amount to be spending each year. This rate when combined with uncertain economic times, can potentially result in retirees living meager and impoverished lives due to the gradual drain of their savings over time.

However, challenging the wisdom of the 4% SWR rule is difficult due to its excellent track record over time. Most people who do challenge this concept tend to lean more towards fear tactics as opposed to true fact. We recommend speaking with a fee-only financial planner such as our firm to discuss whether or not this rate will work for you.

While the 4% rule is not guaranteed to provide you with the results you desire, it is still the safest action to take and has worked beneficially for millions of Americans.

Facts Bolstering the Safety and Wisdom of the 4% Safe Withdrawal Rate

  • The 4% Safe Withdrawal Rate encompasses a 96% probability of an individual ending up with more than 100% of the principal they started with
  • When using the 4% Safe Withdrawal Rate as a guideline, it has been found that less than 10% of retirees end up with less than the principal amount they began with
  • Over 66% of the retirees completing the 30 year retirement time will end up doubling their initial principal.

Safe Withdrawal Rate: Valuable Tips and Resources

Using a Safe Withdrawal Rate calculator is an easy way to start your journey into analyzing your impending retirement income and overall financial situation. There are plenty of SWR-related calculators online, with Bankrate’s user-friendly calculator among the most popular online.

Savings Withdrawal Calculator – This SWR calculator from enables people to calculate their earnings easily and ultimately helps to create a financial picture for the future.

With the numbers you provide, this handy calculator will give you your anticipated final balance, and ultimately assist you in making the most fiscally wise decision possible.

Retirees and those who are nearing their retirement years should look into as many resources as possible. Along with using the Savings Withdrawal Calculator, those interested in crafting a picturesque, comfortable retirement also need to take in a multitude of other factors to ultimately achieve their goals.

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What Expert’s Say About Safe Withdrawal Rates

According to Adheesh Sharma, Vice President of Financial Solutions at Fidelity, “The sustainable withdrawal rate is a useful rule of thumb for retirees looking to withdraw steady amounts from their retirement savings” and “it is important to understand how the rule works.”

Continually adjusting due to inflation, the SWR is different for every individual, with considerations such as life expectancy, willingness to risk via investments, and unpredictable market returns greatly impacting your particular SWR.

Despite the uncertainty of stocks, investing, and the risk of market spikes and drops, an individual can exert a significant amount of control over the fate of their financial future in a multitude of ways.

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