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Too many advisors put the cart before the horse and recommend investment vehicles and products without fully understanding your entire financial picture. While investments are an important part of your plan, looking at your investment portfolio is not going to tell you when you can retire, how much you can spend and how much you need to save today to get there. We use the latest financial planning technology that integrates with all of your financial institutions and keeps track of items such as your income, spending and portfolio growth over time. Not only does this provide you with a history to track your behavior, but also projects how changes in your life today will impact your goals in the future. You will never feel more financially connected to your life.

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    Our Expertise

    Retirement Planning

    When can I retire? How much do I have to save today to get there? How much can I spend in retirement? These are some of the most crucial questions facing most people today and are of primary importance in determining your financial success and ability to accomplish your life and family goals. We tell you whether you are on track for your long term goals and tell you exactly what you need to do today to ensure you are successful.

    Cash Flow Planning

    When it comes to creating income no factor is more important than taxes. Whether it’s determining whether to take a lump sum vs. a stream of income from your pension or determining the proper age to take social security, these decisions are often irrevocable and can have adverse tax consequences if not made properly. We perform all of the necessary analysis to ensure you are making the best decision.

    Tax Planning

    Your tax circumstances change from year to year for a number of different reasons. To understand the most beneficial tax planning strategies for you today, it’s important to understand what your tax picture will look like upon retirement. Some of the strategies involve maximizing qualified plans available to you, Roth conversion planning, avoiding Alternative Minimum Tax and structuring the most tax efficient retirement income stream as possible.

    Notes: These hypothetical data do not represent the returns on any particular investment. Each internal rate of return (IRR) is calculated by running the same 10,000 VCMM simulations through three separate models, each designed to replicate the stated withdrawal-order strategy listed. Source: Vanguard.

    Wealth Transfer & Protection Planning

    You’ve worked hard to accumulate assets during your lifetime and it’s important that you have a plan in place to protect your family. We conduct a thorough review of all of your insurance needs to make sure that you are prepared for the unexpected. We also make sure you have a proper estate plan and beneficiary designations in place to help ensure a seamless transition of wealth to your loved ones.

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